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A Cooling Influence On Automotive Infotainment Systems

The complexity of a modern automobile’s infotainment system is truly remarkable. At the touch of a button or the swipe of a finger, consumers expect a fully integrated electronics suite that manages communications, navigation, entertainment, and environmental controls as well as numerous vehicle systems.

These complex units pose significant thermal management challenges, considering the impact of multiple high-power microprocessors working in unison under unfavorable solar load conditions.

A critical factor in maintaining ideal operational temperatures is the reliable and complete contact between heat-generating components and nearby heatsinks or spreaders. Fujipoly offers one of the industry’s largest selections of thermal interface materials for broad-ranging automotive applications. From high-performance SARCON gap filler pads that deliver a thermal conductivity up to 13 W/m°K to the company’s newest two-component thermal LG materials with a thermal conductivity up to 3.0 W/m°K, Fujipoly thermal interface materials are a cooling influence you can count on.

Most SARCON thermal interface materials are available in pre-cut sheets up to 200mm x

300mm and can be die-cut to fit your exact component shape or application requirement.

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