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The Thermal Material Summit is only technical thermal material event in the world

The Thermal Materials Summit educates and updates attendees on the latest advancements in thermal interface materials used to mitigate and manage temperature anywhere thermal considerations need to be made.

  • If you're designing systems in automobile that need temperature mitigation technologies to stay reliable for decades, this is the conference for you. 

  • If you're engineering products for the aerospace industry that require resistance to extreme temperature variations, attend to learn about the latest thermal management material solutions on the market.

  • If you're producing LED and other lighting products that need to withstand intense heat for a sustained periods of time in constrained packaging, learn what thermal materials are available to make your job easier.  


Topics covered include: Carbon Nantotubes, Boron Nitride Nanotubes, Epoxy Composites, Phase Change Materials, Thermal Tapes, Injection Molded Plastic TIMs, Thermal Modeling, Characterization, Acoustic Microscopy Imaging, and more.

The conference is designed to bring academia and industry together for a day of networking and discussion on new processes and developments in the thermal materials industry. Attendees, speakers, and vendors will include design engineers, academia, materials scientists, CTOs and R&D Managers who develop, design, and use advanced thermal materials.

Attend if You Work in These Industries:
Aerospace, Electronics Packaging, Automotive, Semiconductor/ICs, LED Cooling, Motor Controls, Power Supplies, Discrete Electronic Devices, Telecom, Batteries, and more.


The conference will be held virtually in 2021

Conference attendees will be able to live-stream all presentations as well as participate in a real-time Q&A with the speakers, as well as have access to the recorded sessions after the event. Attendees will have full access to our proprietary 1x1 meeting platform and have virtual meetings with speakers, exhibitors and other attendees.

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